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The Utah County Sheriff's Office is a law enforcement entity responsible for maintaining law and order in Utah County, Utah. The office comprises several divisions and bureaus, including Corrections, Investigations, Patrol, Administration, and Support Services, each with a specific focus but working together to serve the residents of Utah County.

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Utah County Sheriff's Office is located at 3075 North Main, Spanish Fork, UT 84660. For general inquiries, you can reach the local sheriff's office at (801) 851-4000. For emergencies, always dial 911. 

Utah County Arrest Warrants Search

Utah County Sheriff's Office provides an online platform for conducting an Utah County Warrant lookup. This tool allows citizens to check for active arrest warrants within the county. It's important to note that an arrest warrant is issued by a judge or a magistrate when there is reasonable belief that a crime has been committed by the individual named.

Arrest Records Search

Arrest records can also be searched online through the Utah County Sheriff's Department website. This includes information about individuals who have been arrested and processed by the department. An arrest record may contain details such as the person's identifying information, the charges they faced, and the outcome of their case.

Criminal Records and Background Checks

The Utah County Sheriff's Department provides services for obtaining criminal records and conducting background checks. Criminal records include details of an individual's encounters with the law enforcement system, while background checks provide a comprehensive overview of an individual's public records, such as criminal records, civil records, and more.

Sex Offender Registry

The Utah County Sheriff's Office maintains the sex offender registry for the county. This is a list of individuals who have been convicted of sex crimes and are required to register their whereabouts. The public can access this information to remain aware of sex offenders residing in their neighborhoods.

Most Wanted List

The Most Wanted List is a compilation of individuals wanted by the Utah County Sheriff's Office for serious crimes. This list is publicly available and citizens are encouraged to provide any information that might lead to the capture of these individuals. However, it's advised to never attempt to apprehend a suspect yourself.

Bail Bonds

The Utah County Sheriff's Office manages the process of posting bail for detainees at the county jail. Bail bonds are sureties posted by accused individuals or by bail bonds agencies on their behalf to securetheir release from jail while awaiting trial. Information about bail bonds, including how to post bail, can be obtained from the Utah County Sheriff's Office.

Utah County Police Departments

In addition to the Utah County Sheriff's Office, several municipal police departments operate within Utah County. These departments work in coordination with the Sheriff's Office, but they are primarily responsible for law enforcement within their respective city limits.

Here is a brief list of some Utah County Police Departments and their contact information:

  1. Provo City Police Department: (801) 852-6210
  2. Orem Department of Public Safety: (801) 229-7070
  3. Lehi City Police Department: (801) 768-7100
  4. American Fork Police Department: (801) 763-3020
  5. Spanish Fork Police Department: (801) 804-4700

Each police department offers services such as local crime reporting, community outreach, and public safety programs. Always remember that in case of emergencies, dial 911.

Support Services

In addition to law enforcement, the Utah County Sheriff's Office offers a wide range of support services to the public. They conduct safety and prevention programs, provide fingerprinting services, and manage the licensing and permits for concealed firearms within Utah County.

Access the support services here.

Safety and Prevention Programs

The Sheriff's Office organizes various safety and prevention programs aimed at educating the public on how to protect themselves, their families, and their properties. These programs include drug awareness campaigns, crime prevention seminars, and active shooter response training.

Find more information about the Safety and Prevention Programs here.

Fingerprinting Services

For those needing fingerprinting services for employment, licensing, or other purposes, the Sheriff's Office provides this service to the public. You can contact them for more information on the process, fees, and scheduling.

Find more information about Fingerprinting Services here.

Concealed Firearm Permits

The Utah County Sheriff's Office manages the process of issuing Concealed Firearm Permits (CFP) in accordance with Utah state laws. They provide information on how to apply, the necessary qualifications, and the renewal process.

More information about Concealed Firearm Permits can be found here.

Inmate Services

The Utah County Sheriff's Office also manages the county jail and provides services related to inmates. These services include inmate lookup, visitation information, and depositing funds for inmates.

Access the inmate services here.

The Utah County Sheriff's Office is dedicated to the safety and welfare of the people of Utah County. Their extensive range of services, from arrest warrant lookup to safety and prevention programs, aim to maintain law and order and protect the rights of individuals within the county.

Victim Services

The Victim Services division of the Utah County Sheriff's Office serves individuals who have been victims of crime. Their purpose is to provide support, assistance, and comfort to victims and their families, while guiding them through the legal process that follows the crime.

Access the victim services here.

Victim Advocate Program

The Victim Advocate Program operates within the Victim Services division. Victim advocates work directly with victims, offering emotional support, helping them understand their rights, and guiding them through the complexities of the criminal justice system. This program plays a vital role in ensuring that the rights of victims are upheld.

Find more information about the Victim Advocate Program here.

Victim Restitution

The Victim Services division also oversees the process of victim restitution. Restitution is the legal process by which offenders are ordered by the court to pay money to compensate victims for the financial losses caused by the crime.

Find more information about Victim Restitution here.

Victim's Rights

Victims of crime have specific rights outlined in the Utah Constitution and the Utah Code. The Victim Services division ensures these rights are upheld. These rights include the right to be treated with fairness, respect, and dignity, and the right to be informed about all court proceedings related to their case.

More information about Victim's Rights can be found here.

Community Outreach

The Utah County Sheriff's Office engages in several community outreach activities aimed at building strong relationships between law enforcement and the community. These programs foster communication, trust, and mutual respect between officers and residents, and provide an opportunity for law enforcement to better understand and respond to community needs.

Access the community outreach programs here.

Community Oriented Policing

Community Oriented Policing is a strategy of policing that focuses on building ties and working closely with members of the community. The Utah County Sheriff's Office is committed to this approach, believing that effective community-policing efforts can greatly enhance public safety.

Find more information about Community Oriented Policing here.

Youth Programs

The Utah County Sheriff's Office runs several programs targeted towards young people in the community. These programs educate youth about law enforcement and encourage positive behavior. Some of these programs include the Explorer Program, Youth Cadet Program, and DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Program.

Learn more about Youth Programs here.

With its diverse range of services, the Utah County Sheriff's Office exemplifies commitment to the safety and well-being of the Utah County community. From law enforcement duties to victim support, community outreach, and more, they strive to make Utah County a safer place for everyone.

Records Division

The Records Division of the Utah County Sheriff's Office is responsible for maintaining and organizing all official records related to the office's operations. This includes crime reports, arrest records, and jail booking records. The public can request access to these records as permitted by law.

You can find more information about the Records Division here.

Public Records Request

Public records maintained by the Utah County Sheriff's Office can be requested through a formal process. However, some records may be restricted from public access due to privacy issues or ongoing investigations.

Access the Public Records Request form here.

Incident Reports

Incident reports document the details of a specific event, situation, or occurrence, as recorded by law enforcement officers. These can be requested for a variety of purposes, including insurance claims, court cases, or personal records.

Learn how to request an Incident Report here.

Training Division

The Training Division of the Utah County Sheriff's Office is responsible for training all new and existing personnel. The division ensures that deputies and staff receive the most current and comprehensive training available. This helps the department maintain a high level of professionalism and preparedness.

Find more information about the Training Division here.

Law Enforcement Training

The Law Enforcement Training program includes basic recruit training for new hires, in-service training for current officers, and specialized training in various law enforcement disciplines. The training is designed to equip officers with the skills and knowledge needed to perform their duties effectively and safely.

Find more information about Law Enforcement Training here.

Civilian Training

The Civilian Training program provides non-sworn personnel with the skills and knowledge needed to support law enforcement operations. This includes administrative staff, corrections officers, and other non-sworn personnel.

More information about Civilian Training can be found here.

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